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Melting pots TG-160, TG-300, TG-500
Melting pots TG-300
Melting pots TG type are used for industrial works (removing enamel from conductor, tin plating of details and tips of conductors). Melting pots are equipped with electronic temperature controller.
Power supply 230V~ /50 Hz
Range of temperature control 150 - 450°C
Rated power 160W, 300W, 500W
Pot diameter 37 mm, 72 mm, 98 mm
Pot height 36 mm, 52 mm, 52 mm
Maximum amount of tin 0,28 kg; 1,5 kg; 2,8 kg;
Time of reaching 450°C ok. 30 minut
Rotary melting pot TGO-800
Melting pots TG-800
Rotary melting pot TGO-800 type is used for immersion tin plating of elements. Rotary movement of the pot enables to skim any stannic oxides halloween costume that appear on the surface, thus making it clear. Tin temperature is electronically controlled. The pot has a safety device that makes it impossible to switch on the motor before tin has melted.
Power supply 230V~ / 50 Hz
Range of temperature control 100 - 450°C
Rated power 800 W
Time of reaching 450°C ok. 30 min.
Adjustment accuracy ± 5°C
Pot diameter 98 mm
Pot height 52 mm
Number of rotations 1,5 obrotu / min.
Maximum amount of tin 2,5 kg
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